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Advanced Construction Group (ACG) is the consecration of a sequence of activities over 17 years in Albania.The owners of ACG, after some trade activities during the years 1993-1995, started their consequent activities in Albania in 1995 through establishing a furniture production facility and trading in furniture’s textile. These activities pushed the partners to establish in 1998 a foam production factory in Fush Kruje, 20Km north of Tirana. All these activities were conducted under the name of FAM Sh.p.k.

The construction boom in Albania after 1998 was the opportunity for the partners to enter this market with two essential activities: Construction starting in 1999 and production of construction material starting 2001.On 09.05.2005, the owners of FAM Sh.p.k. purchased the company Kikefranc Sh.p.k. and established the new entity Advanced Construction Group.The increase of capital of ACG and the withdrawal of one partner on 06.03.2007, let ACG in the hands of Mr. Yahia Farwati .


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