Company History

  • 1995

    Started their activities

    ACG started their consequent activities in Albania in 1995 through establishing a furniture production facility and trading in furniture’s textile.

  • 1998


    The construction boom in Albania after 1998 was the opportunity for the partners to enter this market with two essential activities: Construction starting in 1999 and production of construction material starting 2001.

  • 2003


    For more than 15 years the company “Kamza Development” sh.p.k tried to turn every human aspiration into a complete fulfillment; creating a better experience in every aspect of life and ventures through its unique construction.

  • 2008

    Albanian Airlines

    The Group purchased and owned in 2008 the company owning and operating Albanian Airlines, however through some strategic alliances the company sold in August 2009 the largest part of this company to another company.

  • 2010


    Actually, ACG launched a large project for residential compound with a total constructed surface of 35’000sqm built over a 7’000sqm piece of land in the tourist city of Pogradec on the shore of the lake with the same name. .